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Ethiopia Guji Layo Toraga Washed

Guji, Ethiopia

Fair Trade Certified. Our Ethiopia Guji Layo Toraga Washed coffee delights with its bright and lively notes of strawberry, cherry, white grape, and raw sugar. This coffee offers a captivating and aromatic experience, making each cup a sensory journey.

Since 1976, the Layo Teraga cooperative has helped smallholder members in Guji access markets, historically lacking and leading to lower coffee prices compared to neighboring Gedeo or Sidama zones. Coffees from Guji have been some of our recent favorites.


Grind Size

Bean Origins

Ethiopia, the birthplace of Arabica coffee, saw Coffea arabica possibly emerge from a speciation event between 10,000 and 50,000 years BC, with wild coffee known to pre-historic humans. Unlike many nations, Ethiopia's coffee connection evolved organically, not through colonization.

Flavor Notes



White Grape


Guji, Ethiopia


Layo Toraga Coffee Producers Cooperative




74110 Heirloom Sub-Varietal



Brew as you like, but our roasting team suggests:

Yama Syphon

The Yama syphon brewing method enhances the clarity and depth of this washed Ethiopian coffee, allowing its flavors of white grape, strawberry, cherry, and sugars to emerge beautifully. The meticulous process of siphoning brings out the distinct notes of these fruits while highlighting the natural sweetness inherent in the beans.

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