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Robot Heart Blend

Ethiopia, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea

Robot Heart is our best-selling dark roast blend, crafted to deliver a big, bold coffee experience. This house blend features a mix of Colombian and Papua New Guinea coffees, roasted dark to bring out a robust body and rich, nutty flavors. Perfectly balancing deep roasted tones with a subtle sweetness, Robot Heart is a hit among our customers who love a strong, flavorful cup.

Designed to be more than just your average dark roast, Robot Heart offers a satisfying depth that doesn’t overpower. The dark roast process enhances the natural body of the coffee, providing a rich, full mouthfeel that’s complemented by a gentle, underlying sweetness. Whether you’re enjoying it black or with a touch of cream, this blend promises a consistently great experience.

Robot Heart isn’t just popular for its taste; it’s also a testament to our dedication to quality and careful roasting. Each batch is crafted to highlight the best characteristics of the beans, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors. Try Robot Heart today and see why it’s our top-selling dark roast blend, loved for its boldness and perfectly nuanced sweetness.


Grind Size

Brew as you like, but our roasting team suggests:

French Press

The body depth of our Robot Heart blend makes it perfect for the French Press.

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