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Northwest Line Espresso Blend

Brazil, Mexico, Nicauragua

Northwest Line is all about bringing the rich, smoky goodness of traditional Italian espressos to your cup, but with a modern twist. Inspired by the deep, roasted body you’d expect from an authentic Italian espresso, our version adds a layer of sweetness that cuts through, ensuring you get a smooth, balanced shot without any of that harsh, bitter aftertaste you find in some dark roasts.

We take a very specialty coffee approach to crafting this espresso. By carefully selecting high-quality beans and roasting them to perfection, we bring out a complex flavor profile that’s both bold and refined. Whether you're pulling shots for your morning latte or enjoying a straight espresso, the Northwest Line offers a full-bodied experience with a delightful sweetness that makes every sip a pleasure. It's our way of honoring espresso traditions while elevating them with the quality and care Conscious Cup is known for.


Grind Size

Brew as you like, but our roasting team suggests:


This coffee is designed to be served as espresso, but its versatility allows it to be brewed to your preference.

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