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Blend Subscription

Our flagship rotation of blended coffees includes Brothers, Station Street, Robot Heart, Yeti's Revenge, and Northwest Line. As well as some of our most exceptional coffee blends like Celebration and Holiday Hangover. A variety of flavors and roasting profiles, delivered to your door at our absolute best value.

Blending coffee is the same as building a recipe. Each coffee is an essential ingredient. The better the ingredient the better the recipe. Together the ingredients need to balance and highlight each others strengths. We might blend to create something we envision, blending with a goal in mind. Or, we might experiment, allowing the coffees involved to reveal something less planned.

Our roasting team will send you our annual, seasonal blends, and some experimental and custom blends we've created with our wholesale partners. This will include some of our most exceptional seasonal coffees. These are micro-lot offerings and the highest graded coffees we buy incredible flavor and clarity. 

If you ever don't like a coffee from one of our subscriptions, let us know and we'll refund it or replace it.

Grind Size

Brew as you like, but our roasting team suggests:

Hario V60

We may roast with a brewing method in mind, especially when it comes to espresso. But a great coffee, no matter it's roasting profile, should always taste great on a simple pour over.

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