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Ethiopia Sidama Bensa Bombe Natural

Sidama Zone of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the king of naturals for a reason, and the Ethiopia Sidama Bensa Bombe lives up to this legacy. Revel in the enchanting notes of lavender, plum, peach, and rose, making each cup a fragrant and flavorful journey.

Situated atop a ridge at 2300 meters above sea level in Bombe, Nguisse Nare’s 10-hectare farm, “Setame,” is planted with variety 74158 coffee trees inter-cropped with taro and sweet potato. In ad- dition to Setame, Nguisse owns two other farms—one in Kokose and one in Tiburo—where he produces natural and anaerobic coffees using cherries from his own farms as well as from around 60 neigh- boring farms. 


Grind Size

Bean Origins

The Sidama region, characterized by fertile highlands, extensive cultivation, and a favorable climate, is renowned for producing top-grade coffee. Over 50 cooperatives and 200 washing stations contribute to Sidama’s rich coffee culture.

Flavor Notes


Plum & Peach



Sidama Zone of Ethiopia


Setame, Nguisse Nare




Ethiopian Heirlooms



Brew as you like, but our roasting team suggests:

Hario V60

The Hario V60 brewing method intensifies the flavors and fruity sweetness of this natural Ethiopian coffee, accentuating its notes of lavender, plum, peach, and rose. With precise control over water flow and extraction time, the Hario V60 highlights a delightful combination of floral and fruity undertones.

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