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Station Street Blend

Ethiopia, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea

Station Street Blend holds a special place in our hearts. This blend is a nod to Cook and Station Street in downtown Barrington and is a variation of our very first blend, which we called Sunrise Blend back in 2006. We’ve come a long way since those early days, and Station Street is a testament to that journey. Created to be an approachable, well-balanced house blend, it offers great flavor characteristics and an undeniable lingering sweetness that you don’t often find in house coffees.

This medium roast blend combines fair trade coffees from Colombia and Papua New Guinea, bringing together a perfect balance of body and flavor. Expect notes of caramel and praline, making it a favorite among our regulars.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to our coffee, Station Street Blend delivers a smooth, enjoyable cup every time. It’s more than just coffee; it’s a piece of our history and a beloved staple in our perennial offerings.


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