Our Process

Everything we do is done with awareness and intention.


We buy coffee from some of the worlds best producers. Grown by farmers who care about community, environment, and quality.


How a coffee is processed will affect the richness of aroma and flavor in the coffees we purchase for both single-origin and blended offerings.

People First

We believe in doing well by doing good. Our sense of community includes the people who buy our coffee people who grow it.


Expertly crafted coffee takes time and attention. We take great pride in our customers service, both in our cafes and in our catering and wholesale businesses.

We source amazing coffee from around the world.

The best farmers are picking coffee at the peak of ripeness. It is incredibly labor intensive. Coffee will be harvested several times over the course of a growing season, as the coffee cherriesn grow in bunches and do not all ripen at the same time.

Our global partnerships

Chiapas, Mexico

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La Union, Columbia

Tarrazu, Costa Rica

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Pantan Musara, Sumatra

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Chuave, Papua New Guinea

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Huabal District, Peru

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Kinini Village, Rwanda

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Flores, Indonesia

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Processing takes it down to the bean.

Processing coffee is the act of removing the skin, fruit and mulclage from the coffee seed. The seeds are affectionately referred to as "green beans". The different methods a producers uses to process the coffee will affect flavor in a major way.

Small Batches. Big Flavor

When roasting a coffee, our goal is to highlight the unique flavors inherent to the varietal, terroir, and processing of the coffee. Profile roasting a coffee like this allows us to expose unique flavor and clarity. We approach coffee like wine, each origin, each process and each varietal has a flavor story to tell, it's our job to translate that story through craft, science, and experience.

What do your values have to do with what you value?

From harvest, through processing, exporting, evaluating, roasting, and, eventually, serving coffee: we take care to focus on the details. Our coffee is high-grade, seasonal, and grown by farmers with real financial incentives, and real affects on their communities and environments. Context matters.

Bring Conscious Cup home.

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