Consciously Crafted. Ethically sourced.

From farm to cup, we source from growers and producers with a shared commitment to quality, community, and environmental stewardship. Each coffee is roasted to highlight the nuanced flavors unique to the farm where it was grown.

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Everything we do is done with awareness and intention. As an independent, family-owned coffee roaster we are closely connected to our work. By choosing Conscious Cup, either at our cafes, our wholesale partners, or online, you are joining our commitment to ethically sourced coffee and the people who make it possible.

From the farm to your cup.

We meticulously source beans from top coffee-producing regions globally, fostering relationships with importers and farmers to ensure unmatched quality and traceability. Explore our carefully curated blends and single-origin coffees, meticulously roasted to enhance your appreciation of the refined art and science behind exceptional coffee.

Everything we do is done with awareness and intention.

We make your daily routines richer through ethically sourced, socially and environmentally sustainable coffees .

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