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Sourcing Coffees from Uganda

Sourcing Coffees from Uganda

Update: Sadly, following the National Coffee Act 2021 in Uganda, our trade partner Crop to Cup has not been able to source from Bukonzo Organics, as it no longer exists in its previous form. 

At Conscious Cup Coffee, we believe in doing well by doing good, and our partnership with Bukonzo Organics in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains is a testament to this philosophy. This region, known as the "Mountains of the Moon," provides the perfect conditions for growing high-quality Arabica coffee. 

Bukonzo Organics is among the first in Uganda to produce Fair-Trade and Organic Certified coffees, a significant achievement that reflects their commitment to quality and sustainability. This success wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable support of Crop to Cup. Since 2007, Crop to Cup has been instrumental in improving coffee production in Uganda. Their dedication to providing extension services and promoting lot separation has helped elevate the quality of Ugandan coffee.

Our relationship with Bukonzo Organics began through Crop to Cup's founders, Jake and Tyler, who are ex-USAID agriculture specialists. They have worked tirelessly to help the cooperative achieve high specialty levels. In 2017, Conscious Cup was proud to be the first in the U.S. to offer Bukonzo Organics' outstanding coffee. This partnership has not only brought exceptional coffee to our customers but also ensured that the farmers receive a fair price for their hard work. Our Bukonzo Organics roast earned a 140% price premium over the Fair Trade benchmark and was recognized in Coffee Review's 2017 Top 30 global best coffees.

The coffee from Bukonzo Organics stands out due to its strong citrus notes and medium body, characteristics that are a result of the region's unique terroir and meticulous processing methods. The cooperative's commitment to quality means that each coffee cherry is picked at the peak of ripeness, despite the labor-intensive process. This dedication results in a cup that truly reflects the hard work and care of the farmers.

At Conscious Cup, we focus on every detail, from harvest to roasting, to ensure that we bring out the best in each coffee we offer. Our mission is to respect the people who produce your coffee, and stories like that of Bukonzo Organics inspire us to continue striving for excellence.

We are proud to partner with organizations like Crop to Cup and Bukonzo Organics, who share our values and commitment to sustainability. By supporting these farmers, we not only bring you high-quality coffee but also contribute to the well-being of their communities and the environment.