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Coffee Review: A 95 Point Ranking for our Kenya AA Kiri

A bag of Kenya Kiri beans ready to be tasted

In mid-2024, Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters Kenya AA Kiri earned a 95 point rating — outstanding — from Coffee Review.

While currently sold out, fresh green coffee is in shipment to our importer from Kenya. Watch for further information.

Kiri was established in 1997 and rests on a 5 acres piece of land serving Gitumbi, Kirunyuini, Kerere and Kaboia Villages. Currently it is affiliated to Ngiriambu Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd and it houses the society head office.

Microlots from Kenya are traceable to either the factory level or individual farm level (when possible), and are selected based on cup score. Because the majority of coffee farmers in Kenya own between 1/8–1/4 a hectare of land, most deliver coffee in cherry form to a local factory for sorting and processing; at the factory, the deliveries are blended and processed into day lots comprising the day's deliveries.