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Cold Brew

At Conscious Cup, our cafe batches and cold brew cans are brewed a little differently, but this method is a great approach to making cold brew at home. By preparing it as a concentrate, you can make the batch last for more servings. This full immersion method ensures a rich and flavorful brew by allowing the coffee grounds to steep in water for an extended period.

What you'll need

  • Hario Cold Brew Jug
  • Stainless-steel strainer
  • Grinder
  • Scale
  • Clean spring or filtered water (1200g)
  • Conscious Cup Coffee (80g)


  1. Weigh out 80 grams of coffee and grind it to a medium-coarse consistency. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most coarse), we recommend a seven or so. This grind size helps extract enough sugars to avoid sourness while maintaining a balanced flavor profile.
  2. Place the coarse ground coffee in the stainless-steel strainer of your Hario Cold Brew Jug. Ensure the strainer is securely in place.
  3. Slowly pour 1200 grams (1200 mL) of cold water into the carafe through the coffee grounds. Pour in a circular motion to ensure even saturation. Stir with a spoon as you pour to avoid dry pockets and clumps of coffee. Make sure all the coffee is wet and evenly distributed. Move the batch around gently to ensure full saturation.
  4. Place the carafe in the refrigerator and let it steep for 14 hours. Steeping in the fridge limits the potential for bacteria growth and ensures a cold, clean brew. For a stronger coffee, you can increase the steep time slightly, but 14 hours is a good starting point.
  5. After 14 hours, remove the filter basket with the used grounds. If you prefer more texture and weight in your cold brew, you can use a cheesecloth or fiber filter. For more flavor clarity and freshness, use a paper filter to remove more of the solids from the liquid.
  6. The cold brew you’ve made is a concentrate. Dilute it with water to your taste preference: For a stronger coffee, use a 2:1 concentrate-to-water ratio. For a milder coffee, use a 1:1 concentrate-to-water ratio. Adjust the dilution based on your preference for strength and flavor.
  7. Pour the diluted cold brew over ice, or enjoy it straight from the fridge. Adjust the dilution to your taste preference. The cold brew should be smooth, rich, and refreshing.